[rspec-users] Access controller object in controller macro

Nasir Jamal nas35_in at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 19:30:05 UTC 2012


We have just upgraded our Rails 2.3.11 app to Rails 3.0.0 and Rspec 1.3.2 to 2.6. We are having two problems with rspec currently and any help would be great.

1) We have some controller macros where we have been using the controller object, session hash, response, etc. in different methods for e.g.

module ControllerMacros
  def imaginary_method_with_example_calls
     # in actual code different methods call one of the below, this is just an example of things not working
    session[:user_id] = user.id

But now after upgrading to Rspec 2.6 they do not work and calling controller just returns nil and hence undefined method 'skip_before_filter' for NilClass error. I did google but found nothing regarding this.

2) Changing 'request.request_uri' to 'request.full_path' raises the following error when running rspec
       undefined method `full_path' for #<ActionController::TestRequest:0x1bfa46f8>

Any help / suggestion would be really helpful.

Kind regards,

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