[rspec-users] Strange error when running bundle exec rspec spec

Cynthia Kiser cnk at ugcs.caltech.edu
Wed Apr 4 20:41:46 UTC 2012

Quoting Brad Symons <lists at ruby-forum.com>:
> As I have been going through the chapters, at first the rspec tests were
> running completely fine. One of the chapters suggests installing
> blueprint stylesheet, which I did.
> Somewhere after that, when I write rspec tests and run bundle exec rspec
> spec, it all broke.
> The followiung error is displaying in the stack trace, but I have no
> idea why its pointing to the cucumber steps, and an undefined method
> 'When'.

Is the error below happening when you run the rake task or try to run
individual specs? e.g. when you run 'rake spec'? or when you run 'spec

And why is that path so odd? How did you get feature files INSIDE the
app/assets directory? I don't think that is where they belong so I
would move them back to 

Or delete them if you still have the original copies of them in the
normal place. 

> C:/Users/brad/rails_projects/hartl_tutorial/sample_app/app/assets/stylesheets/joshuaclayton-blueprint-css-9bf9513/features/step_definitions/blueprint_steps.rb:1:in
> `<top (required)>': undefined method `When' for main:Object

Cynthia N. Kiser
cnk at ugcs.caltech.edu

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