[rspec-users] rspec and shoulda have_indices

slavix mikerin.slava at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 19:07:39 EDT 2011

now getting
Failure/Error: it { should
have_db_index([:user, :currency, :tradable]) }
       Expected Balance to have a  index on columns user and currency
and tradable ()

but the indexes are in the db.. (dev and test)
Action	        Keyname	                                       Type
Unique	Packed	Field	Cardinality	Collation	Null	Comment
Edit 	Drop 	PRIMARY	                                BTREE	Yes	No	id	0
Edit 	Drop 	index_balances_on_currency_id	BTREE	No	No	currency_id	0	A
Edit 	Drop 	index_balances_on_tradable_id	BTREE	No	No	tradable_id	0	A
Edit 	Drop 	index_balances_on_user_id 	        BTREE	No	No	user_id	0	A

my migration has
def self.up
    create_table :balances do |t|
      t.belongs_to :user, :nil => false
      t.belongs_to :currency, :nil => false
      t.belongs_to :tradable, :nil => false
      t.decimal :amount, :precision => 16, :scale => 8, :default =>

    add_index :balances, :user_id
    add_index :balances, :currency_id
    add_index :balances, :tradable_id

On Sep 2, 6:17 am, David Chelimsky <dchelim... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sep 2, 2011, at 4:12 AM, slavix wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I am developing a rails 3.1 app. My Gemfile has shoulda gems
> > Gemfile
> > ..
> > gem "shoulda"
> > gem "shoulda-matchers"
> You only need shoulda-matchers if you're using rspec.
> > In a model spec I have
> > spec file
> >  it { should have_indices([:user, :currency]) }
> > And I get this error...
> > NoMethodError:
> >       undefined method `has_indices?' for #<Balance:0xf3b860c>
> When there is no have_xxx method defined, rspec-expectations implements method_missing such that it assumes you want to send the object the has_xxx? predicate. What your experiencing suggests that there is no have_indices method. Looking athttp://rdoc.info/github/thoughtbot/shoulda-matchers/master/Shoulda/Ma..., I see a singular have_db_index matcher, but I don't see a pluralized one, so perhaps this method doesn't exist. If it does, then something is wrong with your configuration, as it is not being made available.
> HTH,
> David
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