[rspec-users] Ignoring certain files?

Marten Veldthuis m.veldthuis at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 05:47:09 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

Is there any way I can get rspec to ignore all files in spec/fixtures when 
it does a recursive search for all spec/**/*_spec.rb files?

The problem I'm facing is that the fixtures for my code are project 
structures on disk, so I thought I'd make a spec/fixtures with a bunch of 
different project structures. That works, except obviously those can contain 
_spec.rb files, which rspec picks up when I try to run it for my gem. So my 
library Soundcheck has this in it's spec directory:


When I run "rspec spec" it'll try to execute with_bundler_spec.rb too, but 
those files shouldn't be run.

I'd rather keep everything spec-related within "spec/", so I'm hoping this 
is possible. I know I can run "rspec spec/soundcheck_spec.rb" but obviously 
as I add more stuff that's not going to be so feasible...


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