[rspec-users] rake spec aborted, how to debug

Marko Anastasov marko at renderedtext.com
Thu Nov 24 15:38:24 EST 2011


I'm having an issue running specs on a Rails project. Here's how
bundle exec rake spec --trace ends at a random point after some
seconds of hanging with a high CPU usage:

I say "a random point" because I can run the problematic spec alone
without problems, and if I delete its content and run the entire suite
again the error will happen during another spec's example. Given that
doesn't change, it always repeats on the same example though.

My setup is Ubuntu 10.04 on a Mac VirtualBox, bundler 1.0.18. Other
people in my team have the same setup (but not entirely the same ruby
patch level version etc), and do not have this issue. I'd very much
appreciate any hint how to solve this.

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