[rspec-users] Rails code reloading in RSpec test environment?

Ash Moran ash.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 15:31:19 EST 2011


I've worked on a couple of Rails 3 apps recently and the test feedback loop is killing me. With no modifications, it takes 15-25 seconds to run a single example. I've avoided Spork so far, but I've tried Spin[1]. Spin shaves a few seconds off but it's still agonising. I've also experimented with multiple Guard groups and other hacks to run isolated code in lib/, but a lot of the code can't be isolated (all the controllers, for example).

My last resort is to try and run Rails against an environment with `config.cache_classes = false`. Has anyone tried this (and got it working)? I imagine it would have to run tests over DRb, which I've only used with Spork before. The last mention of "cache_classes" on this list was in 2009, so I thought I'd check before I invested time in it in case there any major obstacles.

Any help appreciated


[1] http://jstorimer.github.com/spin/


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