[rspec-users] testing a post to a controller's create action

Patrick J. Collins patrick at collinatorstudios.com
Sat Nov 19 11:57:00 EST 2011

> > I never see the debugger prompt..  Can anyone PLEASE tell me why this is not
> > working?  In any other test, binding.pry or debugger interrupts the test flow
> > and gives me access to the current scope of the debugger call.
> Got any authentication in front of posts#create?

Yeah, that was the problem!  There was authentication in the
ApplicationController and so I needed a skip_before_filter...

Ok..  Taking this a step forward, what I really am trying to do is write
tests that isolate some methods that are called by before_filters in my

So, lets say I have something like:

class PostsController < ApplicationController

  before_filter :store_params, :only => :create

  def create
    ... create stuff

  def store_params
    session[:post_params] = params[:post]


What I would like to do is totally isolate store_params...  So I'd do something

describe "#store_params" do
  it "saves the post params for later" do
    session[:post_params].should be_blank

	 post :create, { :post => { :fake_param => "foobar" } }

	 session[:post_params][:fake_param].should == "foobar"

...  Ok this is all groovy, except my tests will fail because fake_param is not
an attribute on Post, and when it actually gets to the create method it
essentially be trying to do Post.create!(:fake_param => "foobar")...  So
obviously I could choose to go about this differently and use a real post
attribute-- but I am just curious if there is a way to isolate the testing of
this method and make #create not even connected in any way?

I was thinking originally that I should be able to do (prior to the post create

PostsController.any_instance.stubs(:create).returns true

But that doesn't seem to do anything...

Patrick J. Collins

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