[rspec-users] set_fixture_class works on individual test, but test suite fails

Stephen Kessler steve at rentmineonline.com
Tue Nov 8 11:52:43 EST 2011

Hi all,

I have a bug in my code that I have been unable to track down that
deals with the set_fixture_class statement.  Basically,
set_fixture_class (and my tests) are working fine when I test one
controller in isolation, but they are failing when I run all my
controller specs together.

My project use both a local database and Amazon Rds, and the tables on
Amazon are namespaced with Rds::TableName.

My controller spec looks something like:

describe MyFirstController do
  set_fixture_class :users => Rds::User

  describe 'my test' do
    it 'should do something' do
      joe = users(:joe)

This works fine when running just this controller's spec.  But when I
run all the controller specs, the error I get is:

Failure/Error: joe = users(:joe)
       No class attached to find.

I have isolated the problem to the interaction between two controller
specs, MyFirstController (which contains set_fixture_class) and
MySecondController (which does not contain set_fixture_class).  When
the tests for MyFirstController are run before the tests for
MySecondController, everything works fine.  But when the order is
reversed, I get the above errors.

Any ideas on what I might be able to do to fix this (besides requiring
MyFirstController to run first)?

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