[rspec-users] Setting expections on chained calls

Rob Aldred rob at stardotstar.com
Wed Nov 2 14:01:30 EDT 2011

I'm pretty sure this has probably been discussed before.
I'm using couchdb (couchrest_model)

When speccing my controller i want to set expectations that im calling my couch views correctly.
The query interface has recently been updated to work very similar to ARel

This means i have to rewrite some of my specs.

Old call:

    Exam.by_created_at_and_not_archived(:start_key => [@exam.created_at], :endkey => ['0'],:limit => 2)

I set an expectation on that easily like so:

          with(:startkey => [@exam1.created_at],:endkey => ['0'],:limit => 2).
          and_return([@exam1, at exam2])

However the new api i doesn't seem that easy to work with:


I could use stub_chain, but that doesn't allow me to check the params being passes to the calls other than the last.
I could also create a wrapper method on my Exam model that is called from the controller with hash params,
however that just shifts the problem, I then have to check the expections in the model spec instead.

Suggestions on how best to go about that would be appreciated.

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