[rspec-users] Autotest Parallel Support

snelson scott at thisbythem.com
Mon Mar 28 16:53:35 EDT 2011

I have a commit to add support for the -p (parallel) option to
autotest, which is a feature provided by @grosser's autotest fork.

The discussion is here: https://github.com/grosser/autotest/issues/#issue/13
The commit is here: https://github.com/thisbythem/rspec-core/commit/de074af8ab19e432b3c7b3c54fdf97494187e4aa

Being that this adds a feature only supported by a forked version of
autotest, I wanted to get some feedback as to wether or not this could
even go into rspec-core. If not, then we'll explore other options.


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