[rspec-users] RSPEC how to post to a controller? What's wrong with this?

Mobyye bhellman1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 17:32:46 EDT 2011

I'm trying to post to my controller in RSPEC by doing:

  it "should store create an IncomingMail record" do

    lambda {
      post :create,
           :from => 'xx',
           :to => 'xx',
           :cc => 'xx',
           :subject => 'xx',
           :message_text => 'xx',
           :message_html => 'xx'
    }.should change(IncomingMail, :count).by(1)


I do have this in my rake routes: POST /incoming_mails(.:format) 
{:controller=>"incoming_mails", :action=>"create"}

I checked the logs. While the test above is hitting the controller, it is 
never going inside the method def create. Any ideas why?

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