[rspec-users] Stub a controllers helper_method in a view template helper spec

Kai Schlamp kai.schlamp at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 21 06:41:35 EDT 2011

My ApplicationController exposes a method (e.g. sort_direction) to the
view templates by using
helper_method :sort_direction.
I then use this method in another method (e.g. sort_link) in a view
helper (application_helper.rb).

When testing the sort_link method with RSpec (in
application_helper_spec.rb) I have to stub sort_direction as the test
seems to run completely independent from the controllers (and thereby
by to the view templates exposed methods).

Unfortunately I could not find out how to stub that sort_direction
method of the controller. I always get "undefined method".

Here is what I tried so far (inside application_helper_spec.rb):


Here the error I get:

       undefined method `sort_direction' for

There is already some older blog post about that topic (http://
helper.html), but it seems that this is not valid anymore for Rails 3
as there is no @controller.template.

How do I stub that method?


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