[rspec-users] Good tutorial for RSpec With Rails 3

Mohnish J. lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Mar 11 00:55:29 EST 2011

Hi James,

Thanks for your suggestion.

James Martin wrote in post #986783:
> I understand you're looking for 'free' tutorials but I would really
> strongly
> advise you check out Michael Hartl's
> http://ruby.railstutorial.org/screencast series. I'm not affiliated
> with this in any way, but I watched
> them recently (more for the Rails 3 info than RSpec) and found the use
> of
> RSpec and test-first development (not /really/ TDD) to be worth the
> price
> alone - there are so many rspec-rails specific gotchas that you just
> don't
> even think about when using naked RSpec.
> The screencast + PDF combination represent excellent value for money
> (currently $95); which you should easily make back when you deploy your
> first killer Rails app. :-)
> James.

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