[rspec-users] Good tutorial for RSpec With Rails 3

Mohnish J. lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Mar 10 06:52:31 EST 2011


I am looking for a good free tutorial which implements RSpec with Rails
3. I have found many tutorials which work for Rails 2.x but leads you
into issues when trying the same in Rails 3. Rspec Gem also has updated
, coming off the age.. Leading into compatibility issues.

I am able to setup RSpec in my app but I can't fix issues I am getting
into. Its like i am implementing a customized app without get an overall
idea of what changes I would have to carefully incorporate due to usage
of the latest Rails ( say 3.0 ) and the latest RSpec gem 2.5. I am also
making use of rspec-rails 2.5 gem.

Such tutorials( based on earlier versions of Rails and Rspec ) I have
seen so far include:



I am unable to find Part 2 of David's tutorial also. I wonder where I
could find that.

I also have seen a similar questions on stackoverflow.com like:-

Rails: Good Rspec2 example usage? (Also: Cucumber, Pickle, Capybara)

The only free tutorial relevant to Rspec with Rails 3 that I could find
so far is:-


I am using ruby 1.9.2 and rails 3.0.3 along with Ubuntu 10.04 .

Thanks for any suggestions you can help me with.

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