[rspec-users] Ruby Debugger - not working in rspec?

Jason Nah jason.nah at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 00:44:12 EST 2011


I'm trying to get the ruby debugger to breakpoint at a specific line in

Here's what I did:

   - Added require "ruby-debug" in spec_helper.rb
   - Added gem dependency to Gemfile (gem "ruby-debug"
   - In the spec, added before do breakpoint; 0; end
   - Ran it with rspec spec/models/myspec.rb -d

Here's what I see

   - spec runs, but the debugger isn't invoked, and nothing pauses/halts for
   me to inspect.

I'm on

   - MacOSX
   - ruby-debug 0.10.4
   - rspec 2.5.0
   - rails 3.0.4

Any ideas?

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