[rspec-users] calbacks on models

Andrea Reginato lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Mar 2 12:49:40 EST 2011

Hi, I'm having some strange behavior on callbacks when testing with
RSpec2. On my test, when I create a resource using the #create method
the callbacks related to #before_create are not called. If I go to the
console and I try to type the command Resource.create(client_uri:
"http://example.com") all works fine.

There are no mocks around, and I can't understand if this is a normal
behavior using RSpec, if its due to Mongoid or something else.

  # resource.rb (model)
  class Resource
    include Mongoid::Document
    before_create :random_code, :create_expiration

  # resource_rspec.rb (testing suite)
    let(:resource)  { Resource.create(client_uri: "http://example.com")

Thanks a lot

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