[rspec-users] subdomain based namespacing makes RSpec incorrectly state that the route doesn't exist

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 09:41:22 EDT 2011

On Jun 9, 2011, at 11:03 AM, Daniel wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm doing namespace routing based on subdomain, rather than path, so
> that http://admin.example.com/pages leads to app/controllers/admin/
> pages_controller.rb. Cucumber is following this fine, but RSpec is
> complaining that the requested route doesn't exist even though "rake
> routes" shows the route.

It's not that Cucumber gets it wrong and RSpec gets it right. Both tools delegate to Rails: cucumber-rails scenarios and rspec-rails request specs to to rails integration tests; rspec-rails controller specs to rails functional tests.

If you did this in an rspec-rails request spec using the same declaration you're using in the cuke scenario, it would pass. If you did it in a rails functional test it would fail.

More below.

> When I add a standard namespace below the
> "scope :admin" block in my routes.rb file, RSpec does recognize the
> route, but I don't want path based namespacing.
> The relevant parts of routes.rb, and the spec file follow below, along
> with the the RSpec output and the matching line of "rake routes".
> config/routes.rb:
> scope :admin, :as => 'admin', :module => 'admin', :conditions =>
> { :subdomain => 'admin' } do
>  resources :pages
> end

The hash key ^^ you're looking for is :constraints, not :conditions. Change that and it will work, even in a controller spec. The fact that it works in a Cucumber scenario is an accident, and likely due to how the request is being declared in the step definition. If it's something like get admin_pages_path, then it's using rails' routing to generate and recognize the path, so it makes sense that it works.

Also, the declaration seems overly complex. You can get what I _think_ you're looking for like this:

scope :module => :admin, :constraints => { :subdomain => 'admin' } do
  resources :pages



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