[rspec-users] Performance tests using Rspec

Josep M. Bach josep.m.bach at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 05:06:51 EST 2011

A while ago, I was looking at Minitest's benchmarking capabilities 
(contained in a single file here<https://github.com/seattlerb/minitest/blob/master/lib/minitest/benchmark.rb>) 
and I thought it would be great to have an equivalent in RSpec. They have 
methods to assert type of performance (linear, exponential...) of a given 
block. Looking at minitest's file it might be relatively trivial to 
implement, but the question is: do you think that would naturally fit in 
rspec-matchers, or in a separate rspec-benchmark gem/plugin?
Personally I think it's a good piece of functionality and deserves being 
baked in RSpec, but I'm not sure if many people would actually use it. 
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