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Wilker wilkerlucio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 02:11:25 EST 2011

Thanks guys,

When I said I'm not getting so much feedback, I was referring because more
time ago I talked about it in a lot of other lists too, but I know it still
a lot young, and need a lot of improvement too :)

But you know, when we launch a new project we get a lot excited with it and
expects more feedback as possible :)

Any suggestions, critics, any kind of feedback will be really welcome :)
Wilker Lúcio
Kajabi Consultant
+55 81 82556600

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 3:30 AM, Pat Maddox <patmaddox at me.com> wrote:

> On Jan 18, 2011, at 2:30 PM, Wilker wrote:
> > Yeah, unfortunately I'm not receiving too much feedback about it for now,
> so, I'm just using for myself and trying to make it better. I will try to
> spread more and more the idea, so make more people wanna try it, its a
> different concept and I mean people still a little afraid to try it. But I
> will keep going on it, I really believe in the idea :)
> I'll give it a good mess around.  It looks great.
> And like David said, please don't be discouraged by the limited adoption
> after two days ;)
> Pat
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