[rspec-users] Aidmock - safe mocking

Wilker wilkerlucio at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 18:52:59 EST 2011

Hi guys,

I launched some days ago a new project that aims to make the use of mocks
This is the URL of project: https://github.com/wilkerlucio/aidmock

The basic idea is to make user define interfaces of classes, when user
defines the class interface (which is something like defining method
signatures on C or Java) Aidmock automatic generate some sanity check
specs, these specs will verify if class has the method defined, and if
it respect arity of interface.

And more important, when user create mocks while developing specs, it
will verify all defined mocks, and check if they are respecting
defined interface.

You can saw more about project motivation here(with some example of
why it exists): https://github.com/wilkerlucio/aidmock/wiki/Motivation

This project is a kind of experimental one, with a different idea, and
any feedback will be really welcome.

Wilker Lúcio
Kajabi Consultant
+55 81 82556600
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