[rspec-users] Installing rspec 2 for Rails 3

Amit Kulkarni lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 12 03:19:05 EST 2011

I have successfully installed rspec 2 for Rails 3 by visiting the
following  link
In this post it is mentioned taht when i do "rails g rspec:install"
then it should install
exist  lib
      create  lib/tasks/rspec.rake
       exist  config/initializers
      create  config/initializers/rspec_generator.rb
       exist  spec
      create  spec/spec_helper.rb
      create  autotest
      create  autotest/discover.rb

but when i run the command then it creates only .rspec,spec/spec_helper

Is there something wrong with the command?Or is there any other way of
installing rspec.
Also please suggest good link for starting rspec 2 for rails 3

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