[rspec-users] Results in rspec 2.4.0

Amit Kulkarni lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 12 02:45:45 EST 2011

I am running rspec spec for Rails 3.The version for rspec is 2.4.0
When running the script i am getting output as
User Profile should not be created if name is blank
     Failure/Error: @contact_detail.should be_valid
       expected valid? to return true, got false
     # ./spec/models/merchant_spec.rb:79

for every failed spec.
>From the above result it is not clear actually what is the error where
as in rspec version 1.2.9 we would get like "user_name cannot be blank"

I am running the spec as "bundle exec rspec spec/models/user_spec.rb"

Is there any other way of running the spec so that i can get a better

My Gemfile contains following gems:
gem "rspec-rails",      ">= 2.0.0.beta"
gem "autotest"
gem "autotest-rails"

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