[rspec-users] Trouble making rspec-rails 2 work with webrat.

Rob Slifka lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Jan 9 17:24:12 EST 2011

> > I was able to get things to work by moving "include Rack::Test::Methods"
> into the configure block:
> RSpec.configure do |config|
>   config.include Rack::Test::Methods
>   ...
> end
> You should _not_, however, have to do any such thing, so I'll look into
> it and if I can address this in rspec-rails I will and have a bug-fix
> release out soon.

For others reading this, this was fixed.  I was on rspec 2.1.0 and all I 
had to do was to upgrade to the latest (2.4.0) and no changes from the 
vanilla rspec install spec_helper are required to run Webrat.

Hope to save everyone the 40 minutes I spent not realizing a simple 
upgrade fixed it :)


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