[rspec-users] after changing text in "it" block -e and -l options not working

Guru Prasad gurufrequent at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 02:54:36 EST 2011

hi guys !
I am pretty new to rspec and I am still learning.
I tried to change the text in "it" block and then run the rspec with -e and
-l flag with appropriate values.

But it dint work.

What i can think of is rspec must have stored the earlier information which
is not updated.

here is what i got
C:\work>jruby -S rspec specification\xyz\install_spec.rb -l 105
Run filtered using {:line_number=>105}


  1) #POST_OPERATIONS should stop machine
     Failure/Error: if not $pre_arr.has_key?(k.to_s) then
       undefined method `has_key?' for "0":String
     # ./specification/xyz/install_spec.rb:26:in `get_id'
     # ./specification/xyz/install_spec.rb:25:in `each'
     # ./specification/xyz/install_spec.rb:25:in `get_id'
     # ./specification/xyz/install_spec.rb:60
     # ./specification/xyz/install_spec.rb:106:in `call'
     # ./specification/xyz/install_spec.rb:106
     # :1

Finished in 4.41 seconds
1 example, 1 failure

please help !!

Thanks & Regards
Guru Prasad
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