[rspec-users] it_behaves_like and running single examples

Andrew Vargo ajvargo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 09:34:42 EST 2011


I am running rspec 2 and rails 3 in a project.

When I have a shared example being used in a spec file, I loose the
ability to run a single test in that file.
rspec spec/controllers/proposals_controller_spec.rb:13  for instance
will always give me a green '..', even if I put uparsable junk in that
example like
it "should choke" do

Running the file w/o the line number works ace.

When I remove the shared example line: it_behaves_like "...", all goes
back to normal.

Any thoughts?  Even if where to start diagnosing it?  My shared
example is in a rb file in spec/support.


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