[rspec-users] (Bad) Memory Leak in RSpec 2

Kane Baccigalupi lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Feb 14 18:39:01 EST 2011

David Chelimsky wrote in post #981667:

> The instance vars in after(:all) are copies, so setting them to nil
> there has no real effect. This was true in rspec 1 as well, so what you
> are experiencing is unrelated.
> As a workaround, how about setting a global? Not a perm solution, but
> might get your suite working for the moment.

We didn't have to release our @dom variable in version 1.x, whether the 
Harmony page object was defined in an :all or an :each block. The 
variable just got released for garbage collection on its own at the end 
of the file, and now it is not. Is it an impossibility to dereference 
these variables if they are defined initially in an :all block?

We can try a global, but it isn't an ideal situation.

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