[rspec-users] using before(:all) for cheap benchmark?

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 18:36:28 EST 2011

I'm a new (and complete) convert to RSpec, especially when coupled with

I notice when automate processes my entire spec directory it takes about
eight minutes.  I have many more tests to add before I'm done, so eventually
I'll want to streamline my tests.

Is there a quick and dirty way log the amount of time spent on each file to
a log?  That would give me a place to start looking for optimizations.  (For
extra credit: is there a way to log the time spent on each individual test?)

I'll look into using before(:all) and after(:all) for doing this, but if
you've already created a benchmark hook for rspec, I'm happy to use your

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