[rspec-users] hash form of stub_chain returning nil for chains with shared first message

Frederick Cheung frederick.cheung at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 13:40:25 EST 2011

I'm new using rspec, so please forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but...

I'd expect this to pass (using rspec 2.5.1)

describe 'stub_chain' do
  it "returns expected value from two chains with hash" do
    subject = Object.new
    subject.stub_chain(:msg1, :msg2 => :first)
    subject.stub_chain(:msg1, :msg3 => :second)
    subject.msg1.msg2.should equal(:first)
    subject.msg1.msg3.should equal(:second)

But it doesn't - subject.msg1.msg3 returns nil

I think this is because in stub_chain (in rspec-mocks/lib/rspec/mocks/methods.rb, line 43) there is

 if matching_stub = __mock_proxy.__send__(:find_matching_method_stub, chain[0].to_sym)

ie blk isn't used in any way. Changing this to matching_stub.invoke.stub_chain(*chain, &blk) makes my example pass
Is this true or am I just misusing rspec?


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