[rspec-users] Possible to ask rspec to show more code in the debugger?

David Kahn dk at structuralartistry.com
Thu Feb 3 13:40:51 EST 2011

This came up from an other issue where I needed to go check something in
test::unit. Immediately when I dropped into the debugger in test::unit I saw
something I have been missing: test unit by default shows a number of lines
of code. Is there a way to make the rspec debugger do this?

I am not sure if it is just me, but seems to me that when I moved to rspec,
certain things which seemed to be nice default behaviors in test::unit are
no longer default. For example this issue, and also that it seems that rspec
does not automatically 'set autoeval' when going into the debugger. Not deal
breakers by any means but thought I would see if anyone else has the same

Loaded suite test/unit/random_test
[4, 13] in test/unit/random_test.rb
   5    def test_this_hahahah
   6      a = 1
   7      a += 1
   8      debugger
=> 9      assert a == 2
   10    end
   13  end
assert a == 2
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