[rspec-users] array order-agnostic matching?

James OBrien james at rapleaf.com
Tue Feb 1 22:36:44 EST 2011

I don't fully understand this response..

The private method I mentioned was a helper created by me in test code on
the example group.

Still very interested

On Feb 1, 2011 7:28 PM, "Julian Leviston" <julian at leviston.net> wrote:

Does this strike anyone else as odd?

Don't you think the test should actually be written IN to the code itself?

I guess I'm soft of stipulating a new language here, but perhaps Ruby is
flexible enough to enable this.

Surely as the private methods of a class change, the testing code HAS to
change... therefore isn't it best to actually write the rspec-level tests
into the classes themselves as context-sensitive-optionally loaded or not
depending on whether you're in testing mode or not


On 02/02/2011, at 4:01 AM, James OBrien wrote:

> additionally,
> since my
> foo.should_recei...

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