[rspec-users] Better visualizations of spec running time besides --profile?

John Feminella johnf at bitsbuilder.com
Wed Aug 31 18:06:45 EDT 2011

We have about 2,000 specs in a Rails app that take roughly 80 seconds
to run, and I'm trying to improve the performance of things a bit.

While the profile mode has proven useful so far, it only shows the top
ten slowest specs. Unfortunately, we have lot of specs, and we've
picked off all the low-hanging fruit -- the ones remaining are all <
~0.1 sec or less. I'd like to streamline things further by seeing if
there's a way to get information about slow spec *files* (not just
individual specs), because I suspect that slower specs will be next to
other slow specs.

Any ideas about how I can get this information, or do I need to roll
my own benchmarker?

~ jf
John Feminella
Principal Consultant, BitsBuilder
LI: http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnxf
SO: http://stackoverflow.com/users/75170/

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