[rspec-users] Skipping slow specs in Guard but running them from that file

Nikolay Sturm forum at erisiandiscord.de
Tue Aug 30 02:01:28 EDT 2011

* Ash Moran [2011-08-30]:
> I'm trying to optimise my spec run time. I have 123 examples so far,
> which run in ~4.2 seconds on average. But 116 of those will run in
> ~0.18 seconds. So, obviously, I only want to run the slow ones when I
> change that code.

I have a similar situation with the slow specs being integration specs
in a special directory. I tagged all those example groups and setup two
guards. The first is for unit tests and ignores all examples tagged
'integration' and doesn't watch spec/integration. The second guard just
watches spec/integration and runs only examples tagged 'integration'.
Haven't used it much yet, though.



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