[rspec-users] mongo_mapper

Chris Habgood chabgood at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 14:40:53 EDT 2011

I have a rails 3.1 app.  I am using mongo_mapper, but when I run rake rspec 
it says:

Mongoid is not installed (gem install mongoid)

Any idea where this could be coming from.

I am using:

gem 'machinist', '>= 2.0.0.beta2'
  gem 'machinist2_mongomapper', :require => "machinist_mongomapper"
  gem 'machinist_mongo', :require => 'machinist/mongo_mapper', :git => 
'https://github.com/nmerouze/machinist_mongo.git', :branch => 'machinist2'
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