[rspec-users] is it Mailing list on github for oauth on twitter

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 10:28:45 EDT 2010

On Sep 18, 2010, at 5:33 AM, babar shahzad wrote:

> Helo dear list members,
> Can you kindly confirm me that its the correct list I subscribed to. I want help in twitter oauth. I am using abraham williams' library. If something wrong, I will be very thankful if you could write me link of correct list.

This is not the correct list. I don't see any mailing list for this, specifically, but if you go to the github wiki for the library you're using (http://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth/wiki), then you'll see some useful information that might help you in your search.

Good luck,
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