[rspec-users] render_template failure

Toni Tuominen tjtuom at utu.fi
Sun Sep 5 02:45:12 EDT 2010

>> Capybara is not a rails-specific solution so it doesn't know anything
>> about rails's rendering logic etc. I'm also fairly sure Jonas will say
>> that it's something that won't be implemented.
> Makes sense. So if we decided this was a bug, which lib should own this?

Personally I don't see why rspec needs to offer integration level
tools in controller specs at all. If people want to render views and
assert the rendered content I think they should use this gem for that
http://github.com/grimen/rspec_tag_matchers. Overall it's an excellent
tool for any case where you need to assert html. I've found it to be
of great value in helper specs.

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