[rspec-users] Nested attributes in fixtures

Mack T. lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Oct 29 12:41:57 EDT 2010

By "fixtures outside Rspec", I was referring to files in our db/fixtures 
directory, which I assumed were fixtures.  On further investigation, I 
found these files are actually being used by some custom 'seeding' code 
a coworker of mine wrote.  The seeding is reading the fixtures and 
creating AR objects, so they aren't actually fixtures.  This is how 
accepts_nested_attributes is working - fixtures don't appear to support 
that out of the box.

Also, when I said Rspec fixtures, I meant the files in spec/fixtures.

In short, never mind - this really has nothing to do with Rspec :)
I appreciate the quick responses.

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