[rspec-users] Fail to load spec/rake/spectask

Fredrik Westermark lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Oct 25 18:49:07 EDT 2010


I'm a newbie at Ruby. I'm trying to run rspec tests using rake. In my
rake file I include spec/rake/spectask.

It fails to load giving me the following message:
rake aborted!
no such file to load -- spec/rake/spectask

I'm using version 1.8.7 of Ruby.
I have installed rake and rspec using:
gem install rake
gem install rspec

Here is the list of installed gems:
builder (2.1.2)
childprocess (0.1.3)
ci_reporter (1.6.3)
diff-lcs (1.1.2)
ffi (0.6.3 x86-mingw32)
json_pure (1.4.6)
rake (0.8.7)
rspec (2.0.1)
rspec-core (2.0.1)
rspec-expectations (2.0.1)
rspec-mocks (2.0.1)
rspec-rails (2.0.1)
rubyzip (0.9.4)
selenium-webdriver (0.0.29)

What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't spec/rake/spectask load?

Best regards

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