[rspec-users] RSpec-2.0.0 is released!

Dan North dan at dannorth.net
Mon Oct 11 17:06:56 EDT 2010

What Aslak said. A lot.

Good job indeed.


On 11 October 2010 16:14, aslak hellesoy <aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com> wrote:

> ## RSpec-2.0.0 has been released!
> David, I'm so impressed how you have managed to manage a half-rewrite,
> updating the RSpec book (which now soon goes to print) and coordinating
> everything with Rails and the 80+ contributors. The upgrade process has been
> extremely simple for me taken into account all of the great changes that
> have gone into the release.
> The end result is shining, and the Cucumber-based Relish docs are
> absolutely stunning - thanks especially to Justin, Myron and Matt.
> Good job!
> Aslak
>> This marks the end of a year-long effort that improves RSpec in a number
>> of ways, including modularity, cleaner code, and much better integration
>> with Rails-3 than was possible before (see
>> http://blog.davidchelimsky.net/2010/01/25/rspec-20-in-the-works/).
>> ### Docs, with a little bit of relish
>> In addition to the documentation available at all the places (see
>> http://blog.davidchelimsky.net/2010/07/01/rspec-2-documentation/), we've
>> also got all of the Cucumber features posted to Justin Ko's new Cucumber
>> presentation app, relish.
>>  http://relishapp.com/rspec
>> We'll also have the RDoc up on http://rdoc.info in a day or so.
>> ### Thanks!
>> Big thanks to 80+ contributors who submitted patches for RSpec-2.0.0,
>> including [1]:
>> Aan, Adam Walters, Akira Matsuda, Alex Crichton, Anderson Dias, Andre
>> Arko, Andreas Neuhaus, Ashley Moran, Ben Armston, Ben Rady, Brasten Sager,
>> Brian J Reath, Carlhuda, Chad Humphries, Charles Lowell, Chris Redinger,
>> Chuck Remes, Corey Ehmke, Corey Haines, Dan Peterson, Dave Newman, David
>> Genord II, David S. Kang, Ethan Gunderson, Gonçalo Silva, Greg Sterndale,
>> Hans de Graaff, Iain Hecker, Jacques Crocker, Jean-Daniel Guyot, Jeff
>> Ramnani, Jim Breen, Johan Kiviniemi, Josep Mª Bach, Josh Graham, Joshua
>> Nichols, Kabari Hendrick, Kristian M, Lailson B, Len Smith, Leonardo Bessa,
>> Les Hill, Luis Lavena, Marcin Kulik, Markus Schirp, Matt Remsik, Matt Yoho,
>> Matthew Todd, Michael Niessner, Mike Gehard, Myron Marston, Nate Jackson,
>> Neeraj Singh, Nestor Ovroy, Nick Ang, Nicolas Braem, Paul Rosania, Phil
>> Smith, Postmodern, Prasad, Rob Sanheim, Roman Chernyatchik, Ryan Bigg, Ryan
>> Briones, Sam Pohlenz, Scott Taylor, Shin-ichiro OGAWA, Thibaud
>> Guillaume-Gentil, Tim Connor, Tim Harper, Tom Stuart, Vít Ondruch, Wincent
>> Colaiuta, aslakhellesoy, eira, garren smith, grosser, hasimo, justinko, rup,
>> speedmax, wycats
>> Extra special thanks go to:
>> * Chad Humphries for contributing his Micronaut gem which is the basis for
>> rspec-core-2
>> * Yehuda Katz, Carl Lerche, and José Valim, for their assistance with
>> getting rspec-rails-2 to take advantage of new APIs in Rails-3, and for
>> shepherding patches to Rails that made it far simpler for testing extensions
>> like rspec-rails to hook into Rails' testing infrastructure. Their work here
>> has significantly reduced the risk that Rails point-releases will break
>> rspec-rails.
>> * Myron Marston for a wealth of thoughtful contributions including
>> Cucumber features that we can all learn from
>> * Justin Ko for his direct contributions to rspec, and for relish (
>> http://relishapp.com/), which makes executable documentation act more
>> like documentation.
>> ### What's next?
>> #### rspec-rails-2 for rails-2
>> There are a couple of projects floating around that support rspec-2 and
>> rails-2. I haven't had the chance to review any of these myself, but my hope
>> is that we'll have be an official rspec-2 for rails-2 gem in the coming
>> months.
>> #### rspec-1 maintenance
>> rspec-1 will continue to get maintenance releases, but these will be
>> restricted, primarily, to bug fixes. Any new features will go into rspec-2,
>> and will likely not be back-ported.
>> [1] Contributor names were generated from the git commit logs.
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