[rspec-users] stub_chain together with should_receive

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 15:01:08 EST 2010

On Nov 28, 2010, at 2:06 AM, medihack wrote:

>> That's my 2¢, but feel free to try to convince me otherwise :)
> Ok, I'll give my best ... how about a dollar? ;-)
>> I understand that chains like this are common in Rails apps thanks to good ideas like composable finders (which generally do not violate Demeter), but I don't think the parallel chains should appear in client code or in specs. e.g. if this is a controller spec, the model should expose a single method that wraps this, and if it's the model spec, the spec should just call the method that wraps the chain with different inputs and and specify the expected outcomes.
> I dislike the idea to extract a single line of chained method calls
> into its own method, just because it is easier to test then.

We have a fundamental philosophical disagreement here. I see testability as having inherent value, "just because it is easier to test" is a good enough reason to consider a change.

> It is not
> used anywhere else and the method it is in is not very large either
> (those would be reasons to extract that code in its own method).

I'm confused about where it _is_ being used? What code actually calls this chain?

> By
> the way, it is part of the model. I would agree if it were part of the
> controller.
>> Even if I were in favor of the concept, the example above is confusing because it is a stub that becomes a message expectation.
> I absolutely agree. I also thought about that when I read my post for
> a second time. How about: MyModel.should_receive_chain(...)

Need to ponder that. Will follow up with some thoughts.

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