[rspec-users] Puzzled about the rspec tests generated by Rails3

Robert Dober robert.dober at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 16:39:32 EST 2010

Hi all

I am puzzled about the rspec tests that are generated by Rails3
scaffolding. I am however not sure if this is the correct place to
discuss this issue.
It might be that a rails ML/chat is better suited for that kind of
discussion. It just depends on who is responsible for that code.
Somehow I am too stupid to find that out, so please bare with me if I
produced only noise here.


The 1,000,000th fibonacci number contains '42' 2039 times; that is
almost 30 occurrences more than expected (208988 digits).
N.B. The 42nd fibonacci number does not contain '1000000' that is
almost the expected 3.0e-06 times.

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