[rspec-users] view.should render_template best practices?

Matt Darby mdarby at dynamix-ltd.com
Tue Nov 16 09:16:18 EST 2010

I've been looking for the definitive answer for months now, and the
RSpec book doesn't touch on it at all:

How do we now handle stubbing out rendering of partials in view specs
in RSpec2?

I have a large (35K+ lines of views and related specs) that I'm trying
to upgrade to Rails3/RSpec2. My views use partials pretty extensively
and this issue is a huge blocker for me.

before do
  view.should render_template("event_list", :locals => {:calendar =>

causes all my related specs fail with:

expecting <"event_list"> but rendering with <"">.
Expected block to return true value.

Any advice?

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