[rspec-users] Upgrade problems/questions regarding RSpec 1.3.0 to 2.0.1

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 23:11:32 EDT 2010

On Nov 4, 2010, at 7:18 PM, Jarmo Pertman wrote:

> Upgrade to RSpec 2.x has been more painful than i expected. A lot more
> painful.
> Subject#subject behavior with "self" is also broken!
> This fails in RSpec 2 with stack overflow:
> describe "something" do
>  subject { self }
>  it "is ok?" do
>    should be_ok
>  end
>  def ok?
>    true
>  end
> end
> It is passing in RSpec 1.3. See the original discussion of that
> feature that i myself suggested/needed
> http://groups.google.com/group/rspec/browse_thread/thread/89d6dd78b8f76df7/21109b78fc61a0e6
> It also seems to me that the #subject specs provided with the patch
> for 1.x have been deleted also during some refactoring or something.
> At least i couldn't find the specs testing that explicit functionality
> from rspec-core. They still exist at 1.x repo though
> https://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/blob/master/spec/spec/example/example_methods_spec.rb
> I'm really sorry if some of the problems in this thread are already
> fixed in master, but i couldn't see any open bugs relating to any of
> the problems described here.
> Waiting for some solutions-explanations how to solve most of the
> problems hopefully.

Hey Jarmo,

Sorry for all the trouble, and thanks for all of the feedback. I'm completely consumed with getting last minute things together for The RSpec Book to go to the printer (yay), and preparing for my talk next week at RubyConf, so I'm not quite sure when I'll be able to review/respond. Hopefully sometime over the weekend, but no guarantees.

In the meantime, be sure to search the closed issues on github (unfortunately, they don't show up if you search the open issues), and please feel free to open new issues for the problems you are experiencing.


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