[rspec-users] How to separate unit and integration spec suites?

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Thu May 20 08:13:08 EDT 2010

On 19 May 2010, at 22:11, Myron Marston wrote:

> On my current rails project we're using both rspec and cucumber.
> We've been diligent about keeping our specs as true unit tests, using
> nulldb and mocking/stubbing to disconnect the specs from the database
> and keep each spec focused on the class/method under test.  Our
> cucumber features are integration tests and use the database (as they
> should).  This separation has worked well for us up to now.  Our specs
> have remained fairly fast, even as our spec suite has grown (around
> 1200 specs, currently).
> I've started working on building an REST-inspired HTTP API for the
> app.  Initially, I've continued to use cucumber to integration test
> the API.  However, I'm now convinced that as great as cucumber is for
> integration testing the user-facing parts of our application, it's not
> the right tool for integration testing the API.

I know this isn't why you're here, but can I ask why not? At Songkick we actually went the other way and ended up converting rspec-based integration tests for the API into cukes when we got the hang of testing it via Cucumber.

>  I'd like to write my
> API integration tests using just rspec and rack-test.  But I really
> like the fact that "rake spec" runs only the unit tests, and is much
> faster than running all of the tests.  I don't want to give that up.
> Is there an easy way to setup multiple spec suites within a single
> rails app?  I'd like to run the integration test specs separately from
> the unit test specs.
> Thanks,
> Myron
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