[rspec-users] Good practices on spec'ing views?

J. B. Rainsberger jbrainsberger at gmail.com
Fri May 7 21:49:52 EDT 2010

Stefan Kanev wrote:

> I've been doing RSpec for more than a year by now, yet I cannot help but
> feel that I've never got a single view spec right. I can see that I have
> very few view specs and that my views tend be a lot messier than
> everything else. I've read the chapter in the RSpec book about spec'ing
> views, but I still think I'm not getting it right.
> Assuming that I'm a view spec noob, would you guys care to share your
> experience with writing them? What works and what doesn't? What should I
> avoid at all cost? And most importantly, how does the process of writing
> view specs feel?

I write view specs, and doing so encourages me to move behavior out of 
the views and into the controller. I find it easy to write specs to 
check how I render dynamic data, but still don't have a good feel for 
writing specs that check that action buttons submit the form I expect to 
submit. I imagine writing more of the latter kind of spec will encourage 
me to avoid complex form submissions.

I treat view specs like any other specs: when I have a tough time 
writing the spec, then I rethink my design choices.
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