[rspec-users] How to stub a has_many relationship in Rails 2.3.5

Ben Fyvie ben.fyvie at champsoftware.com
Wed Mar 24 11:39:39 EDT 2010

We have a test that has been working find until we upgraded to rails 2.3.5.
I'm not too familiar with mocks/stubs so maybe there is an easy solution. 


Here is a simple example of our scenario. 


Class Person < ActiveRecord::Base 

  has_many :aliases, :dependent => :nullify

  before_destroy :mark_aliases_as_deleted


  def mark_aliases_as_deleted

    self.aliases.each do |alias|







This is a test to ensure that when the Person is destroyed that all of their
Aliases get their mark_as_deleted method called. I know this example isn't
very practical, but it is the simplest way I could think of to describe our

it "should trigger mark_as_deleted in related aliases" do

  aliases = []


  3.times do |i|

    alias = mock("alias #{i}")



    aliases << alias









So the problem we are encountering in our scenario is that we get a
NoMethodError exception (undefined method `owner_quoted_id' for
#<Array:0x9a0608c>) when trying to destroy the Person because the stubbed
Aliases return an array and it appears it is expecting some sort of
association object that responds to owner_quoted_id


Like I said, we didn't have any problems until upgrading from Rails 2.3.4 to
Rails 2.3.5


In case your interested, it is the configure_dependency_for_has_many method
that calls: "#{reflection.primary_key_name} =


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Ben Fyvie


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