[rspec-users] continuing on my quest to learn rspec...

Patrick J. Collins patrick at collinatorstudios.com
Wed Mar 24 04:46:53 EDT 2010

> Firstly I wonder why you're putting this behaviour on the photo class. Have
> you ever heard of the code smell 'feature envy'? Photo#set_cover seems to me
> to be talking mostly to the photo_album, so perhaps this behaviour should move
> there?

Ok..  So I changed that code and put it in my photos_controller, and I took
the gist you wrote, and modified it to what I *think* the behavior should be.

I still am very much struggling as to what I am doing.........


So, let me explain my idea of the behavior I am imagining, and see if perhaps
you guys can guide me as to how I should be thinking, etc.

Ok.. So...  Form field, checkbox_tag :photo_album_cover..  If it's checked,
when the photo is saved, it should set that photo to be the cover for the photo

If it's not checked, and no cover is currently set, it should set the cover to
the first photo in the album.

If it's not checked, and this currently save photo is the only photo in the
album, then it is 'the first photo in the album', and therefore it should be
the cover.


That's the basis for this "behavior"...

So, what am I doing wrong as far as my spec goes, because I am getting:

'PhotoAlbum saving a photo should set the cover of the album to the curent
photo when 'album cover' is checked' FAILED
expected: #<Photo id: 1002, description: nil, name: nil, access_level_id: nil,
photo_album_id: 1, image_height: nil, image_width: nil, server_format: nil,
image_filename: nil, photo_album_cover_id: nil, position: nil, contact_id: nil,
event_id: nil, media_id: nil, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil>,
     got: nil (using ==)


Thank you in advance for your patience and guidance!

Patrick J. Collins

On Wed, 24 Mar 2010, Matt Wynne wrote:

> On 23 Mar 2010, at 17:43, Patrick J. Collins wrote:
> > Ok,
> > 
> > So...  My first attempt at specing a method in my photo model didn't go so
> > well..
> > 
> > http://gist.github.com/341447
> > 
> > Both of these tests are failing, and I am not even sure if I am structuring
> > this anywhere near correct or not...
> > 
> > In other words... HELP!!!!!!!!!!
> > 
> > Patrick J. Collins
> > http://collinatorstudios.com
> Okay I have a few thoughts for you Patrick, hopefully I'll be able to give you
> them in an order that makes some sense.
> Something like
> https://gist.github.com/341831/663bbef3cb55a70ce875df88643f54a6913193b1
> Also, I'm not seeing anything in the specs that actually triggers any
> behaviour in the class. You set up a stub and then immediately assert what the
> photo album's cover should be - when are you expecting the code you want to
> test to be caused to actually run?
> > 
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