[rspec-users] lots of nil problems!

Phillip Koebbe phillipkoebbe at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 11:19:14 EDT 2010

> I would be glad to help in this way, but it will have to be later 
> today. And instead of using completely made-up code, I'll use some of 
> my real-world code and tests as an example. I'll gist them later, 
> unless one of the gurus comes along and provides enlightenment for you!

I was able to get to it sooner than I thought.


This is only one action on a controller. Hopefully it will be enough to 
help. I have other code, but it may take too much explanation about the 
business process for it to make sense, and that would defeat the purpose 
of helping you understand.

It may help you if you try to think in terms of writing the specs first, 
before you have any code. After all, that's the point of T/BDD: to write 
tests/specs first, then the code that satisfies them. The whole 
red/green/refactor process. So when you establish an expectation that a 
method will be called, that expectation is satisfied when you have that 
code in your application. If you are writing specs to cover existing 
code, you don't have the luxury of thinking this way, and that makes it 
more difficult.

In the gist, notice the helper methods to simulate someone being logged 
in. I'm using stub there because I don't want an expectation of the 
methods being called to potentially raise an error. I'll do that 
elsewhere. In this case, I just want the methods to be available when 
they are needed.


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