[rspec-users] Testing a rails controller *outside* of spec/controllers

Scott Taylor scott at railsnewbie.com
Thu Mar 11 02:10:51 EST 2010

On Mar 11, 2010, at 1:26 AM, Nicolás Sanguinetti wrote:

> We have an app that has "extensions" that are built as rails engines.
> Each engine needs some code in the controllers, which we solved as
> "include this module, call a method". In order to test it, though, we
> don't want to "copy" the test for how that works into each engine, so
> the idea is to write the tests once, in 'spec/lib/extensions_spec.rb',
> where we are testing the other stuff that's common for all the
> extensions (which are defined on lib/extensions.rb, thus the spec's
> location)
> In order to do it, I'm declaring a 'sample' controller in the specs
> (just include the module, call the method), and then writing a couple
> specs for what we are doing. Problem is, I can't get rspec to
> understand that that example group is a controller example groups.
> I have
>    class MyExampleController < ApplicationController
>      include Extensions::ControllerHelpers
>      call_awesome_method # this, among other things, defines an
> instance method on the controller that I want to test
>    end
> inside my spec, and after that I tried:
> 1) describe("controller helpers", :type => :controller) {
> controller_name "my_example"; ... }
> It complains about controller_name not being a method of this dynamic
> subclass of ActiveSupport::TestCase.

That seems like a really strange error.  What is the actual stack trace?

What versions of the test-unit gem do you have installed?  What version of rails?  rspec?  If you uninstall the test-unit gem, will it work with the :type => :controller hash given to describe?

(I've noticed *very* strange things with the test-unit gem installed in the past - such as a test suite which was 100% green, using a hybrid of mocha + rspec mocks/stubs.  When the gem was uninstalled, half the test suite failed!)

> After some time reading the source I figured that :type => :controller
> pretty much just works for config.include/config.extend. So on to the
> next thing:

Have you taken a look at Spec::Example::ExampleGroupFactory?

Not sure if this will help, but here's a patch that brynary and I banged out way back in rspec 1.1.9 to support spec/unit & spec/integration: (the usual disclaimer applies - all the good parts are his, all the bad parts are mine)


That piece of the code might at least take you to a place where you can debug what's going on.



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