[rspec-users] Autotest just returns

Don French dhf0820 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 19:51:01 EDT 2010

I am trying to use rspec2 rails with rails3 beta 4. I created a simple
project and a couple of models. The basic test spec files are there.
When I run bundle spec:models I get what I expect. When I run bundle
autotest I get:

mauidev:testme dhf$ bundle exec autotest
loading autotest/rails_rspec2
mauidev:testme dhf$

and that is it.

My Gemfile contains:

gem "rspec-rails", :git => "git://github.com/rspec/rspec-rails.git"
gem "rspec-core", :git => "git://github.com/rspec/rspec-core.git"
gem "rspec-expectations", :git => "git://github.com/rspec/rspec-
gem "rspec-mocks", :git => "git://github.com/rspec/rspec-mocks.git"
gem "rspec", :git => "git://github.com/rspec/rspec.git"
gem 'autotest-rails'
gem 'autotest'
gem 'autotest-fsevent'
gem 'autotest-growl'

Any Ideas?

Don French

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