[rspec-users] Rake spec failure in beta.13

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Fri Jun 25 14:18:53 EDT 2010

El 25/06/2010, a las 17:44, geetarista escribió:

> Gemfile: http://gist.github.com/453032
> On Jun 25, 7:41 am, Wincent Colaiuta <w... at wincent.com> wrote:
>> El 25/06/2010, a las 15:38, geetarista escribió:
>>> That did not fix it.
>> What have you got in your Gemfile?

(Aside: please don't top-post; it makes your replies cumbersome to read.)

Was kind of hoping I'd see something glaringly weird in your Gemfile, but nothing leaps out at me.

Why do you have the ":require => nil" for RSpec in your test environment? AFAIK this won't explain the failure you're seeing, but I still wonder why you're doing it.

On a tangent, you're 10 releases of Haml behind, and a lot of Rails 3 fixes have been made since 3.0.3.


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